Holiday Survival Guide for your Dog

As we find ourselves in the middle of holiday crazy time, I thought I’d help out with a Holiday Survival Guide for you and your pets.

1. Maintain as normal a schedule as possible for your dog, including feeding,
walking, and quiet or naptime.

2. Make sure your dog is getting plenty of regular exercise, with walks, trips to the park, or a good game of fetch. (This probably won’t do you any harm either, as exercise and play are great ways to combat stress, anxiety, and depression, all very prevalent during the Holiday Season).

3. Supervise or confine your dog at all times. Tethers, crates, and baby gates are very useful tools to keep your pup safe and out of trouble. Some common holiday dangers for your dog are poinsettias, tinsel and breakable ornaments, chocolate and fatty foods. Contact your vet for a complete list.

4. Don’t forget your training! Practice waiting at the door and proper greeting behaviors before your guests arrive, and take advantage of the excellent training opportunity, if your guests are willing. Brush up on “Leave it” and “Drop it” as well, as you’ll probably need them!

5. Watch for signs of stress and give your dog a place and time to get away from the chaos. While you may enjoy all the company, your dog may not.

Hopefully these tips will help both you and your dog have a safe, and Happy Holiday Season. I’ll see you all next year!

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