Adult Dog Training

Adult Dog Training

At Canine Coach, we make training more productive for you and fun for your dog. We offer unique programs that provide you with more personal attention and positive feedback!

Group Training

Our Group Training Classes begin with our Introduction to Adult Dog Training Package, where you receive personal attention in a private lesson from one of our trainers; essential training equipment; and our 2 Hour Training Workshop. You will then move to the next level of training that best fits you and your pup.

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Adult Dog Day School

Adult Dog Day School is an enrichment program open to dogs 8 months and older. The program is designed for your dog to have fun playing with other dogs, but with set boundaries and direction so your dog learns appropriate play and social behavior. Adult Day School also includes group and individual training.

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Private Training

Canine Coach offers basic to advanced obedience training and behavior modification programs tailored to your individual needs and busy schedule. This in-home training is available to dogs of any size, breed, or age.

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