Bringing up Puppy! Tucker and Karl Interact

Join us in this series, where we follow in the footsteps of our lead trainer and owner Linda Brennen, as she gets her new puppy and experiences all the challenges and joys of adding a new puppy to the family.

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As you will find out, getting a new puppy can be a challenge… even for trainers!

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Did you see the initial introduction of Tucker to Karl? Check it out HERE.

Now that they have been introduced, we are taking it slow as they get to know each other. I want to make sure both of them are comfortable and feel safe in this new situation.

The first week was each of them getting used to each other. They have been separated at mealtimes and lots of praise or positive reinforcement are given when Karl shows interest in Tucker, as long as Karl shows a relaxed body language. We are also making sure that, if Karl gets at all tense we will send him out of the room; this is letting him know he has that option to leave if he is not happy with something Tucker is doing.

Karl laying next to Tucker’s crated area – good progress!

The first 3-4 days at home Karl avoided Tucker. When Tucker is in his pen, we bring Karl into the same room and he will lay down next to the pen.


Karl is also pretty interested in the puppy as long as the puppy does not approach him.

Over time they have started meeting each other in the kitchen. We would have the puppy in the kitchen and Karl would come up and sniff him; the puppy would make himself small, greeting him appropriately and submissively, which Karl appreciates.

As the week’s have passed, there is more interaction between the two of them, but I will still watch the carefully when they are together. Karl is a BIG dog who has a history of over-correcting puppies – Tucker is still a puppy that will always be much, much smaller! Ultimately I want them both to feel safe and secure in the home and will always put their safety and comfort first.

Check out the slideshow below and see some of the pictures and video of them getting along!

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