Books and DVDs

Puppy and Dog Training Books and DVDs recommended by Canine Coach:

Puppy Raising

Before and After Getting Your Puppy

Before and After Getting Your Puppy by Dr. Ian Dunbar

How to prepare yourself, your family, and your home for your new puppy, and how to prevent most common behavior problems, including potty training, chewing and aggression.

Dog Training/Clicker Training

When Pigs Fly book

When Pigs Fly by Jane Killion

Explains the principles of clicker training and why it works to motivate dogs who may be a challenge to train.

The Power of Positive Dog Training

The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller

Walk away from punishment-based training methods and learn how you can reward your dog to obtain and reinforce the behaviors you could only dream about achieving! The art and science of clicker training.

A Dog Who's Always Welcome

A Dog Who’s Always Welcome by Lorie Long

Assistance dog trainers provide training tips for creating a pet dog who is calm, confident, and well-mannered in public.

Dog Behavior and Training Theory

The Culture Clash

Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson

The book that has shaped modern thinking about canine behavior and the relationship between dogs and humans. Chapter 3 on Socialization, Fearful Behavior and Aggression is a must read for every dog owner.

Don't Shoot the Dog

Don’t Shoot The Dog by Karen Pryor

Explains positive reinforcement and how to use it to successfully teach, or change, any behavior in pets or
in people.

The Other End of the Leash

The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell

When humans communicate with dogs, a lot can get lost in the translation. Focusing on human behavior, Dr. McConnell teaches readers how to retrain themselves to speak consistently in a language dogs understand and avoid sending conflicting and confusing messages.

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals

On Talking Terms with dogs:Calming Signals (DVD) by Turid Rugaas

Learn to recognized dog body language, especially Calming Signals, that dogs use in times of stress to
calm themselves and others.

Reaching The Animal Mind

Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor

The history and application of clicker training. Includes a link to a website with interesting and helpful video clips related to each chapter.

The Language of Dogs DVD

The Language of Dogs DVD by Sarah Kalnajs

What is your dog’s body language saying to you and to other dogs? Is he showing friendliness, fear, or stress? When does play turn to aggression? Watch a variety of breeds and mixes showing dozens of examples of canine behavior and body language. Learn how to read these signals so that you develop a better understanding of canine behavior.

Specific Behavior Issues

Living with Kids and Dogs

Living With Kids and Dogs…Without Losing Your Mind by Colleen Pelar

At last! A kids-and-dogs book written by someone who “gets it!” Simple, realistic advice for busy parents to help ensure that the relationship between their kids and their dog is safe and enjoyable for all.

Feeling Outnumbered

Feeling Outnumbered? How to Manage and Enjoy A Multi- dog Household by Karen London and Patricia McConnell

Create order out of canine chaos in your multi-dog home. Maximize the joy of living with more than one dog by understanding canine behavior using positive reinforcement to teach your dogs to be patient and polite. Manage multiple dogs at meals, on walks, and in the dog park.

The Cautious Canine

The Cautious Canine by Patricia McConnell

Learn how to help dogs conquer their fears with desensitization and classical counter-conditioning. Discover exactly what triggers your dog, then apply this step by step method used by thousands of dogs and their owners to overcome problem behavior that is motivated by fear.

Feisty Fido

Feisty Fido – Help For the Leash Reactive Dog by Patricia McConnell

Practical information about positive ways to teach dogs how to politely walk past other dogs without causing a scene, including tips on prevention and handling emergency situations.

Click to Calm

THE NEW CLICK TO CALM: SOLUTIONS FOR ALL DOGS IN A CHALLENGING WORLD by Emma Parsons. Use of clicker training to manage behavior, including how to: desensitize your dog to approaching dogs; have your dog perform canine calming signals, instead of aggressive displays; use your own body language when under stress as a cue for your dog to remain calm.

Through A Dogs Ear

Through a Dog’s Ear (Book and Sample CD) by Joshua Leeds and Susan Wagner

Using the latest science on how dogs hear and react to sound, psychoacoustic expert Joshua Leeds and veterinary neurologist Susan Wagner bring you a treasury of practical tools for enhancing the lives of our best friends—including a CD of music demonstrated in clinical trials to calm 70 percent of dogs in kennels and 85 percent in households. (BOOK AND SAMPLE CD)

CDs for Calming and Desensitization

Through A Dog's Ear Vol 1

Through a Dog’s Ear Vol 1

If your dog whimpers during a thunderstorm, freaks out when meeting new people, or barks when you leave him at home, now you have a tool to help — without resorting to sedatives. Music to Calm Your Canine Companion is new series of music clinically demonstrated to deeply relax dogs. Based on pioneering research into how the canine nervous system responds to sound, psychoacoustic expert Joshua Leeds and concert pianist Lisa Spector have created music that is twice as effective as conventional classical selections for reduction of canine anxiety behaviors. Research conducted with 150 dogs showed that the psychoacoustically designed classical piano arrangements on this CD induced calmness in 70 percent of dogs in shelters or kennels and 85 percent of dogs in households. Through a Dog’s Ear brings you gentle and timeless music that you can enjoy with your furry companion — and, most important, will help your “best friend” live a happier and healthier life.

Through a Dog's Ear Vol 2

Through a Dog’s Ear Vol 2

Calm Your Canine recordings are recommended for when you want your dog to rest, when your dog is left alone, or when anxiety or excitement in your dog is anticipated – thunderstorms, fireworks, or the arrival of guests. People will also find it deeply relaxing; for this reason please don’t operate heavy machinery or drive when listening. Includes a 20 page booklet.

Through a Dog's Ear Driving Edition

Through a Dog’s Ear Driving Edition

This psychoacoustically designed music CD strikes the ideal balance of keeping you alert in the driver’s seat while soothing your dog’s nerves for a comfortable, pleasant journey. Includes a 17 page booklet and Travel Prep – an additional 20 minutes of music to prepare anxious dogs for riding in the car along with protocol for dogs with automobile anxiety.