Dog & Family Safety Programs

You play a HUGE part in how your dog acts towards children of all ages. We offer three different seminars that help you and your family have a safe and happy family with your dog.

Cost is $25 per family, per seminar.

The Dogs&Storks™ and Dogs and Toddlers™ programs were developed by Jennifer Shryok at Family Paws Parent Education. Information shared in these programs is designed to help you acclimate your dog to the change in family dynamics created with a new baby or growing toddler. These programs are appropriate for expectant or new parents, grandparents, adoptive parents, toddler play groups, and child care providers.

Dog & Kid Safety seminar is a dog bite prevention seminar for school-age children. This seminar is fun and uses interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and how to be safe around both their own dog and strange dogs. 

Dogs & Storks™ helps prepare you and your dog for life with the new baby. Training techniques are introduced that will help you:

  • Prepare your dog for the new baby and baby equipment
  • Understand your dog’s senses, what they are, how they differ from yours, and how that effects their relationship with baby
  • Introduce your dog to the new baby safely and appropriately
  • Provide fun games and activities that will easily include your dog into your life with your new baby

Seminar is for ADULTS ONLY – no children or dogs please

Dog and Toddlers™ provides training techniques that help your toddler and your dog interact in a positive, beneficial way. You will learn:

  • How to recognize and interpret the “subtle” signals your dog displays
  • How to help your dog adapt to the daily changes of your growing, developing child
  • The importance of supervision and parent-guided contact between dog and child
  • Changes in you behavior that can reduce the risk of grumbles, growls and bites from you dog

Seminar is for ADULTS ONLY – no children or dogs please

Dog & Kid Safety Seminar teaches kindergarten through grade school aged children how to interact with dogs safely and appropriately. They will learn:

  • When it is okay to approach a dog, and when it’s not
  • Dog body language and common signs of stress in dogs
  • How to ask permission from parents, the dog’s owner, and the dog himself if it’s okay to pet
  • How to pet and touch dogs in safe ways
  • What to do if a dog is too excited and jumping up or knocks them over

Presented by Canine Coach lead trainer Megan Lundberg

Seminar is for ADULTS & CHILDREN only – no dogs please

This seminar is for the entire family!

In addition to these group workshops, we also offer private consultations customized for you and your family.

Trainers Megan Lundberg and Linda Brennen are the only trainers certified (by Family Paws Parent Education) to teach the Dog’s & Storks and Dog’s & Toddlers programs in the Colorado Springs area  They can customize any of these two seminars for your group.

Contact Us to sign up for a workshop for your group or a private consultation for your family!