Adolescent Day School

Adult Dog Day School


Adolescent Day School is an all-day, two days a week program exclusively for adolescents age 5 - 8 months.

**Day School is a supplement to, not a substitute for, an on-going obedience training program for you and your dog. You will need to be participating in group training classes or in private lessons with one of our Canine Coach instructors for your dog to attend Day School.**

What you and your puppy will learn and do:

  • Socialization! Your adolescent puppy will be gradually introduced to the older, bigger dogs that are in Adult Day School. A great way to socialize and begin developing friendships with those dogs.
  • Great Training! Your pup will continue with the training skills they started in Puppy Day School.

This program includes:

  • Two days of day school (on Monday & Friday)
  • A training session designed just for them! Some of the skills worked on: leash manners, polite greetings, focusing on you with other dogs around, sit, down, stay, coming when called and more!
  • Supervised play time. Playtime with other dogs appropriate for your dog depending on your dog’s preferences. Adolescent Day School is the best way to improve your dogs play skills with other dogs.
  • Nap time. A whole morning of playing and training is too much for almost every dog. Nap time ensures your dog has the best experience possible.
  • Discussion of skills worked on when you pick up your dog.

In the end, your adolescent pup will be ready to socialize with adult dogs and transfer up to Adult Day School. 

At Canine Coach, Inc. we do not promote, condone, or permit the use of correction-based training tools for the dogs enrolled in our training programs. This includes the use of choke collars, prong collars, shock collars (including for invisible fence) and bark collars.

If you have not been involved in our Puppy Day School, we will need to evaluate your pup to make sure it day school is a good fit for him/her.



**Proof of vaccinations are required before you can attend classes. (View our Vaccine Requirements)

Contact us about purchasing Adolescence Day School packages at or (719) 200-2636.