Helping your dog through 4th of July

My training tip for this month is: Helping Your Dog Through the 4th of July.

Between the heat, the crowds, and the noise, many dogs find this a particularly difficult holiday. So here are some tips to help keep your dog safe and happy while you enjoy the celebrations.

•  Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise early in the day. That way you will avoid the summer heat, and your dog will be more relaxed throughout the rest of the day.

•  Leave your dog in the cool, quiet comfort of his own home. Confine your dog in a quiet room, or his crate, with music or a TV on to mask some of the sounds of the party or fireworks.

•  If you are planning to stay home, and especially if this is your dog’s first experience with fireworks, make it a fun time for him. Play games that keep his mind active, and his attention on you, during the fireworks so he has a positive association with the loud noises.

•  For dogs who already have anxiety about loud noises, contact me for more suggestions to help them cope this year, and to learn some desensitization techniques to prepare them for next year.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. Connie Neff on 07/04/2013 at 2:01 pm

    OK the kids are covered, safe for the 4th celebration. Wait, we forgot about our new pet. We didn't have Duke yet last year in July. We better take care he's in a secure environment until we return home.

    Thanks for reminding us, Linda



  2. Linda Brennen on 07/03/2013 at 8:43 pm

    Tiffani, I am please to hear that you are finding the information in my blog informative and entertaining. Feel free to share it with your twitter group.

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